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Why a Russian Journal? Whose project is this?

Russian Journal ( was founded in the Internet in july 1997. Since october 1997 there is the printed version of the Russian Journal - the magazine which is called PUSHKIN. The editor-in-chief of both Russian Journal and PUSHKIN is Gleb Pavlovsky. PUSHKIN is edited by him and by Marat Guelman. Publication of PUSHKIN (the first russian non - commercial project in the field of the mass intellectual journalism) was undertaken to fill the gap between "thick" and "glitter" journals. First publications have been issued monthly, but since may 1998 the magazine, having changed the format, began to come out every two weeks. PUSHKIN and Russian Journal are made by the same editorship, but it doesn't mean they duplicate each other. The editorship is striving to do its best in using of network and printed issue.

The most important aim of the Russian Journal project is to create the wide open territory of discussion, that can not be pressurized by political and financial spheres. The definition "russian" in Russian Journal means only the choice of russian language as an instrument of "working ideas". The unique of WWW made it possible for the separated intellectual structures to break through to the place not occupied yet by the powers, the place that could be entered in and occupied, if there are some ideas, competitive with other ones.

The magazine is aimed at considering various problems of modern literature, policy, economy, ideological life; it constantly reviews mass-media policy. In most cases Web publications are either electronic versions of newspapers and magazines, or refer, to some extent, to the entertaining or special editions. The Russian Journal is addressed to those, who are looking, among a vast number of the information rubbish of mass media and Web, for the intelligent reading.

Special supplement to the PUSHKIN magazin and the section of the Russian Journal - "Net-culture" - is devoted to the cultural aspects of WWW development. Among its authors are the following persons: Eugene Gorny, Anton Nossik, Alexander Sherman, Roman Leibov, Mikhail Epstein and others.

For the period of its life in the Russian Internet the above mentioned magazine became popular as a first serious publication on the Web, oriented on the reader - intellectual. Every day thousands of the Web users from Russia and abroad open one by one pages of this magazine.

The server of the Russian Journal consists of the daily updated articles about modern cultural situation, policy and society; about different opinions on the new books, discussion forums, and of library with net versions of the great publications. Much attention is paid to the publication of translations from the leading west intellectual magazines - New York Review of Books, Die Zeit, Le Monde Diplomatique etc. New materials for the Russian Journal are sent to the subscribers by mail. Old ones are good accessible in the well-organized archives.

The magazine has a wide range of authors both in the "paper" press and in the Internet. The articles of Vladimir Bibichin and Francis Fukuyama, Vladimir Makhnatch and Vladimir Maliavin, Mikhail Gefter and Isaya Berlin, George Soros and Samuel Huntington have been published there. Mark Pechersky, Lev Anninsky, Sergei Gandlevsky, Vsevolod Nekrasov, Mikhail Ryklin, Maxim Sokolov, Simon Kordonsky and others constantly cooperate with our magazine.

The editorship actively corresponds with the readers (our address -; the server has a forum, where the news of the Journal are discussed. The most popular are the thematic forums of the Russian Journal, about internal and external policy of Russia, musseums, protection of rights, military history and so on.

Russian Journal and PUSHKIN are the parts of the whole system of the Russian Institute projects (director is Sergei Chernyshov) - individual non-commercial organization, that assists to from russian cultural mentality and the institutes of the new social identity as well. The project is also based on the intellectual and professional support of the research, editorial and consulting group of the different orientation centres, consulting group of the diccerent orientation centres, connected by the experience in the general discussion. Among them there are the magazine "XXth century and the world", High School of ecomomy, Institute for Humanities and Political Studies, Moscow high school of social and economic science, Effective Policy Foundation, Public Opinion Foundation.

If you want to read Russian Journal, you have to make your computer avaliable for russian language. Here and here you may find the instructions how to do it.

The other materials in english are in the Russian Journal server:
Information about PUSHKIN magazine.
Summary of #5, 6-7, 8, 9, 10, 11 of PUSHKIN.
Information about the project called "The Other. Approaches to Russian reforms: from overview towards synthesis".

Address of the editorship:
Russia, 103009, Moscow, Maly Gnezdnikovski pereulok, 9, str. 3 B, Russian Institute, editorship of PUSHKIN magazine.


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